Monday, July 23, 2007


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Photography has been a serious hobby of mine for many years. I own 5 cameras and am planning on getting a second digital one with higher power magnification. I loved playing around with Flickr and related sites and could easily spend some major time exploring possibilities here.

I am definitely old school in that I am uncomfortable posting photos of myself or family/friends or colleagues on a pubic forum. Also, having friends who have been involved in lawsuits to protect their artistic copyrights, I just personally wouldn't include someone else's photos on my own website, blog, powerpoint, etc. So what you see will be my own!

Week 3 Thoughts

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Using Flickr for the first time and combining our logo with my "java" theme......

Following the steps from Sam worked great! This is fun!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Week 2 Thoughts

Blogging is fun! Much easier than traditional webpage design. I found that my original personal blog of reviews of titles relating to the sea/boating cannot be edited as my login is no longer valid, so I will recreate it all soon.

Week 1 Thoughts

Very glad we are doing this pilot as I go through the 23 Things and learn how to coordinate all the steps at the same time. The first phone conference for 23 Things liaisons is scheduled for July 23, so I'll hear about how some of the other systems are doing then.

Finding I have to create my own "cheat sheets" for quick reference as I figure things out in the liaison role. If any of you are working on these for the various weeks, please share via email attachment if you are willing to have posted on our AACPL 23 Things Blog.